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Innovation-Teaching Learning

Sl NoName of the Staffsubject code /subject nameyear /semICT tool usedInnovation in Teaching & Learning
(PPT, Simulation / Experimental Learning/ Blended learning/ Case Study & many more)
1Dr.K.RenganathanEI8079 Robotics and AutomationIV /VIIIYou tube video for Circuit theory (rectangular to polar conversion in calculator)2017
2Ms.C.KomathiEI8691-Computer Control of ProcessIV /VIIIyou tube videos for Computer control of Process2017
3K.ThirupurasundariEI8451-Electrical MachinesII/IVDC GENERATOR WORKING SIMULATION2017
4Dr.M.NaliniEI8073-BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATIONIV /VIIyou tube video on Nerve stimulator2017
5Mr.K.AnbumaniEE 8072 - MEMS and Nano ScienceIII/VIyou tube videos for polymer MEMS2017
6Ms.S.SubhaEI 8074- computer networksIII/VIRouters2017
7Ms.K.SrividyaEE8451-Linear Integrated Circuits & ApplicationsII/IVyou tube videos for LIC2017
8Ms.R.GayathiriEI8073-BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATIONIV /VIIIyou tube video on Nerve stimulator2017
9Mr.K.Madana mohanEI8452 - Industrial instrumentation III/IVSensors used in IoT2017
10Ms.S.PremalathaGE8076-Professional ethics in EngineeringIV /VIIIvideo -Case study-Chernobyl disaster2017
11Mr.M.SubramanianEI-8692 ELECTRONIC INSTUMENTATIONIV/VIYoutube video of PMF Case study2017
Sl NoName of the Staffsubject code /subject nameyear /semICT tool usedICT tool usedInnovation in Teaching & Learning
(PPT, Simulation / Experimental Learning/ Blended learning/ Case Study & many more)
1Dr.K.RenganathanCircuit TheoryI/IISimulation of AC and DC Circuits2017
2Ms.C.KomathiComputer Control of ProcessIII/VISimulation and Experimental study of Quadraple tank system2017
3Ms.K.ThirupurasundariBEEIEI/IIOnline Simulation of Electric circuit laws and theorems2017
4B.RajapandianControl SystemsII/IVLaptop with Projector - Introduction to state space analysis2017
5Dr.C.PriyaPrinciples of ManagementIV/VIIIGoogle Class Room - PPT - Principles of Management2013
6Dr.M.NaliniElectronic InstrumentationIII/VILab experiments for Virtual Instrumenation2017
7Mr.K.AnbumaniComputer Control of ProcessIII/VIPPt. - Multivariable and Multiloop system2017
8Dr.S.DurgadeviApplied soft computingIII/VIPPT -Case study -CSTR2017
9Mr.T.SathieskumarComputer NetworksIII/VIgoogle classroom-ppt- application layer2017
10Ms.S.SubhaIndustrial Instrumentation-IIII/VIWater Usage & Flow meter monitoring - Video2017
11Ms.K.SrividyaProfessional Ethics in EngineeringIV/VIIIvideo -Case study-Chernobyl disaster2013
12Ms.R.GayathiriElectronic InstrumentationIII/VILab experiments for Virtual Instrumenation2017
13Ms.T.TamilselviElectronic InstrumentationIII/VIN1201SA UV RF Vector Impedance ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Meter2017
14Mr.K.Madana mohanLogic and Distributed control systemIV/VIIVirtual labs2017
15Ms.S.PremalathaProfessional Ethics in EngineeringIV/VIIIvideo -Case study-Space shuttle Challenger disaster2013
16Mr.R.PremkumarCircuit TheoryI/IIvideo related to KVL, KCL, Mesh, Nodal analysis.2017
17Mr.M.SubramanianPrinciples of ManagementIV/VIIIPPT MOTIVATIONAL THEORIES2013
18Ms.N.NithayaraniAdvance Instrumentation SystemIII/VISafety Instrumentation Systems - PPT2017
S.NoStaff HandledSubject NameSubject CodeYear/SemInnovation in Teaching & Learning (PPT, Simulation / Experimental Learning/ Blended learning/ Case Study & many more)Regulation
1Ms. S. Subha, Mr. T. Sathieskumar, Ms. K. SrividyaElectronic Devices and CircuitsEC8351II / IIIFEEDBACK OSCILLATORS2017
2Ms. C. Komathi,Ms. B. Puviyarasi, Ms. Swagata SarkarDigital Logic CircuitsEE8351II / IIISimulationVHDL coding examples using simulatiion2017
3Dr. C. Priya, Ms. R. Gayathiri, Mr. R. PremkumarElectrical MeasurementsEI8351II / IIIE-Video :Principle, Construction and Working of Potentiometer, Current Transformer working principle and animation.2017
4Ms. K. Thirupurasundari, Mr. K. Madhanamohan, Ms. S. DurgadeviTransducers EngineeringEI8352II / IIIExperimental Learning- Using resistive and capacitive transducers2017
5Ms. C. Komathi, Ms.K. SrividyaMicroprocessors & MicrocontrollersEE6502III / VExperimental learning-project development using 80512013
6Mr. B. Rajapandian, Mr.V. Padmanaban,Control SystemsIC6501III / VPPT-Servo motor
7Ms. K. Thirupurasundari, Ms. Swagata SarkarPower ElectronicsEE6503III / VSimulation in Matlab2013
9Mr. K. Anbumani, Ms.N NithyaraniIndustrial Instrumentation IEI6502III / VPPT-Temperature measurement2013
8Ms.M. Nalini, Ms. T. TamilselviAnalytical InstrumentsEI6501III / VAnalytical techniques - Swayam course2013
10Ms. S. Premalatha, Mr. M.SubramanianComputer ArchitectureCS6303III / VPPT-Booth's Algorithm for Multiplication and Division2013
11Mr. B. Rajapandian, Mr.V. Padmanaban, Ms.N NithyaraniIndustrial Data NetworksEI6701IV / VIIPPT-Ethernet2013
12Ms. B. Puviyarasi, Mr. K. Madhanamohan, Mr. R. PremkumarLogic and Distributed Control SystemEI6702IV / VIIPPT -PLC2013
13Ms.M. Nalini, Ms. T. TamilselviVLSI DesignEC6601IV / VIICMOS digital VLSI design - NPTEL Course2013
14Ms. R. Gayathiri (2), Ms. S. Premalatha, Fibre Optics and Laser InstrumentsEI6703IV / VIIPPT-numerical aperture2013
15Mr. M.Subramanian, Ms. S. Subha, Mr. T. SathieskumarBiomedical InstrumentationEI6704IV / VIIOHP - FIBRILLATORS2013
16Mr. K. Anbumani, Dr. C. Priya, Ms.S. DurgadeviApplied Soft ComputingEE6006IV / VIISimulation-Fuzzy Logic Controller2013
S.NoStaff NameSubject NameSubject CodeYear/SemInnovation in Teaching & Learning (PPT, Simulation / Experimental Learning/ Blended learning/ Case Study & many more)Regulation
1Ms. K. Thirupurasundari, Mr. R. Premkumar, Dr. K. Renganathan Electrical MachinesEI8451II / IVE-Videos:DC Motor Working, Induction Motor Working & Speed control of Induction Motor2017
2Ms. S. Subha, Ms. R. Gayathiri, Mr. K. Madhanamohan,Industrial Instrumentation - IEI8452II / IVPPT-optical pyrometers2017
3Ms.M. Nalini, Mr.V. Padmanaban, Mr. T. SathieskumarLinear Integrated Circuits and ApplicationsEE8451II / IVOHP-555 TIMER-ASTABLE MODE AND MONOSTABLE MODE2017
4Ms. C. Komathi, Ms. S. Durgadevi, Mr. B. Rajapandian,Control SystemsIC8451II / IVSimulation using Matlab-Frequency response analysis2017
5Ms. T. Tamilselvi, Mr. M.Subramanian, Ms. Swagata Sarkar. Communication EngineeringEC8392II / IVE -videos for wireless communication2017
6Ms. K. Thirupurasundari,Ms. S. PremalathaModern Electronic InstrumentationEI6601III / VIPPT- Digital Multimeter2013
7Ms. S. Durgadevi, Ms. B. PuviyarasiProcess ControlEI6602III / VIPPT- Controller tuning2013
8Ms. R. Gayathiri, Dr. C. PriyaIndustrial Instrumentation-IIEI6603III / VIExperimental Learning - Rotameter, E-Video :Coriolis flow meter, Thermal Mass flow meter, Rotameter PPT-Ultrasonic Flowmeter2013
9Mr. B. Rajapandian,Mr. M.SubramanianEmbedded SystemEE6602III / VIPPT-INTODUCTION TO RTOS2013
10Mr.V. Padmanaban, Ms.N NithyaraniPower Plant InstrumentationEI6002III / VIVideo-Power Plant2013
11Ms. T. Tamilselvi (2)Communication EngineeringEC6651III / VIE -videos for wireless communication2013
12Mr. K. Anbumani, Mr. K. Madhanamohan, Mr. R. Premkumar Computer Control of ProcessesEI6801IV / VIIIPPT-Multivariable Control2013
13Ms.M. Nalini, Ms.K. Srividya, Ms. S. Premalatha,Professional Ethics in EngineeringGE6075IV / VIIICase study-Chernobyl disaster2013
S.No.DateSubjectTopicStaff HandledMode of Delivery
Experiemtal/Model Demonstration/
117.4.18Circuit TheoryCharacterization of Two-port NetworksDr.K.RengananthanPPT
24.10.17Digital Logic CircuitsVHDL ProgramC.KomathiPPT
Linear Integrated Circuits and ApplicationsII order filter, 555 timerT.sathies kumarOHP,PPT
428.6.18Electrical MeasurementsBallistic GalvanometerR.Prem kumarOHP
531.01.18Transducer EngineeringThermistor ,  RTD and Hot wire anemometerK.Madhana MohanPPT
616.12.17Electrical MachinesConstruction of DC machinesS.DurgadeviModel demonstration
17.1.18Electrical MachinesStartersS.DurgadeviModel demonstration
8.2.18Electrical MachinesThree phase transformer connectionsS.DurgadeviPPT
720.7.17Control SystemsWorking of Servo motor and its applicationsB.RajapandianPPT
83.10.17Power ElectronicsRevision of unitsK.Thirupura SundariOHP
Analytical InstrumentsUV-Visible
R.GayathiriExperimental set up OHP
1029.1.18Modern Electronic InstrumentationDigital storage OscilloscopesK.SrividyaOHP
1120.02.18Process ControlControl ValveK. AnbumaniPPT
1222.1.18Industrial Instrumentation – IIFlow MeasurementS. PremalathaPPT
1305.1.18Embedded SystemPorts and BusesPremalatha.SPPT
1420.03.18Power Plant InstrumentationBoiler Drum level ControlC. PriyaSimulation
1514.09.17Industrial Data NetworksWireless protocolsV.PadmanabanOHP ,PPT
169.10.17Logic and Distributed Control SystemSimulation of KV LadderB RajapandianSimulation
1715.9.17VLSI DesignManchester carry chain adderT. Sathies KumarPPT
1807.07.17Fibre Optics and Laser InstrumentsScattering LossesR.GayathiriOHP
1931.8.17Applied Soft ComputingFuzzy for CSTRS.DurgadeviMatlab

Computer Control of ProcessesMultivariable and Multiloop Controller Review of Z transformC.KomathiPPT, Simulation and Experimental Study OHP
2112.2.18Principles of RoboticsPUMA 560K.ThirupurasundariPPT
S.No.DateSubjectTopicStaff handledMode of Delivery
Experiemtal/Model Demonstration/
130.1.17Circuit TheoryNodel AnalysisN.Nithya RaniPPT
23.10.16Digital Logic CircuitsVHDL ProgramB.PuviyarasiPPT
320.9.16Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications555TimerT.Sathies KumarPPT
416.8.16Electrical MeasurementsEnergy meterN.Nithya RaniPPT
528.1.17Transducer EngineeringClassification and selection of transducerK.Madhana mohanPPT
623.1.17Electrical MachinesConstruction of DC machinesDr.K.RenganathanModel demonstration
73.2.17Electrical MachinesStartersDr.K.RenganathanModel demonstration
814.3.17Electrical MachinesThree phase alternatorsDr.K.RenganathanPPT
922.7.16Control SystemsWorking of Servo motor and its applicationsB.PremkumarPPT
1028.7.17Power ElectronicsPower electronic devicesDr.K.RenganathanPPT
1117.9.16Analytical InstrumentsSILICA ANALYZERR.GayathiriOHP
1222.3.17Modern Electronic InstrumentationDAQ cards for VI applicationM.NaliniModel demonstration
1325.04.16Process ControlValve PositionerMr. K. AnbumaniOHP
1420.3.18Industrial Instrumentation – IIMeasurement of FlowN. Nithya RaniPPT
1523.1.17Embedded SystemMemory management techniquesMr.B.RajapandianPPT
1627.02.17Power Plant InstrumentationBoiler drum level controlV. Aarthi DeviSimulation
1719.7.16Industrial Data NetworksSearch algorithmsS.SubhaOHP -ppt.
1830.9.16Logic and Distributed Control SystemKV LadderK ThirupurasundariSimulation
1917.9.16VLSI DesignLogarithmic ShifterV. Aarthi DeviPPT
202.8.17Applied Soft ComputingDefuzzificationDr.C.PriyaPPT

Computer Control of ProcessessMultivariable/ Multiloop SystemC.KomathiPPT,
229.08.2016Fiber optics & Laser InstrumentsOptical Time Domain ReflectometryS.PremalathaOHP
S.No.DateSubjectTopicStaff HandledMode of Delivery
Experiemtal/Model Demonstration/
15.2.16Circuit TheoryVerification of Network TheoremMr.R.PremkumarExperimental Study
221.9.15Digital Logic CircuitsVerification of combination and sequential in VerilogT.TamilselviExperimental Study
326.8.15Linear Integrated Circuits and ApplicationsII order filtersK.SrividyaOHP
43.9.15Electrical MeasurementsWheatstone BridgeG.PetchinathanOHP
507.03.16Transducer EngineeringConstruction,operation and characteristics of potentiometerK.Madhana mohanPPT

Electrical MachinesConstruction of DC machinesK.Thirupura Sundari
Model demonstration

Electrical MachinesStartersK.Thirupura Sundari
Model demonstration

Electrical MachinesThree phase transformer connectionsK.Thirupura Sundari
920.6.15Control SystemsWorking of Servo motor and its applicationsB.RajapandianPPT
1023.9.15Power ElectronicsRevisionS.DurgadeviOHP
114.9.15Analytical InstrumentsBiosensorR.Gayathirippt
1224.2.16Modern Electronic InstrumentationCROR.GayathiriExperimental learning
139.4.16Industrial Instrumentation – IIVacuum Pressure measurementG. PetchinathanExperimental learning
1417.02.16Embedded SystemUSB BusPadmanaban.VPPT
1523.6.15Power Plant InstrumentationS. PremalathaThermal Power Plantppt
1609.09.15Industrial Data NetworksHartS.DurgadeviOHP - ppt.
1718.9.15Logic and Distributed Control SystemKV LadderR PremkumarSimulation
182.4.16Applied Soft ComputingCSTR Process using FuzzyS.DurgadeviMatlab
1908.04.16Robotics and AutomationMachine Interface and Multiple RobotsPadmanaban.VVideo
2019.09.15Fiber optics & Laser InstrumentsPain management for surgery and AnesthesiaS.DhivyaPPT
S.No.DateSubjectTopicStaff handledMode of Delivery
Experiemtal/Model Demonstration/
111.3.15Circuit TheorySimulation of series resonance circuitK.HemavathySimulation
29.9.14Linear Integrated Circuits and ApplicationsData ConvertersK.HemavathyOHP
325.7.14Electrical MeasurementsEnergy meterS.PremalathaExperimental Learning
422.12.14Transducer EngineeringClassification and selection of transducerK.Madhana MohanPPT
513.12.14Electrical MachinesConstruction of DC machinesR.PremkumarModel demonstration
2.1.15Electrical MachinesStartersR.PremkumarModel demonstration
15.12.14Electrical MachinesConstruction of DC machinesR.PremkumarPPT
625/9/14Industrial ElectronicsClosed loop control schemeS DurgadeviPPT
718.10.14Analytical InstrumentsNMR SPECTROMETERR.GAYATHIRIOHP
828.2.14Modern Electronic InstrumentationRS - 232 SignalsK.Thirupura SundariPPT
924.03.15Process ControlControl ValveOHP
1029.10.14Industrial Instrumentation – IIV-Cone Flow MeterModel Based Learing
1123/12/14Embedded SystemMemory Management TechniquessPadmanaban.VPPT
1220.09.14Power Plant InstrumentationCombustion ControlMs. R. GeethaOHP
1320.08.14Industrial Data NetworksGatewaysK AnbumaniOHP
1423.9.14Logic and Distributed Control SystemOperator interfacesS DurgadeviOHP
1529.10.14Fibre Optics and Laser InstrumentsPain management for surgery & AnesthesiaS.SubhaPPT
1625.3.15Applied Soft ComputingGenetic algorithmG.PetchinathanOHP,PPT
1727.03.15Robotics and automationRObots in Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing IndustriesPadmanaban.VVideo