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Guest Lectures

Date/Month/YearProfessional societyName of the guest speaker with designationTitleWorkshop / Guest LectureNo of daysPhotos
7th OCT to 9th OCT 2020ISTE & MICROWIN AUTOMATIONMr.Ranganathan S
Project Engineer
Microwin Automation


Mr. Sathya Narayanan R
Training Head
Microwin Automation
The Department of EIE in Association with ISTE & MICROWIN AUTOMATION organized the Virtual Hands on Workshop on Industrial Automation Using PLC and SCADA for III Year Students from 7th OCT to 9th OCT 2020 on Google Meet. Workshop3view

10th July 2019.ISOIMr. Abdul Rahman.K , Academic Head, IPCS Automation for the II and III Year students Importance of Industry 4.0 in Today’s Industrial ScenarioGuest Lecture1view

29th August 2019ISOIMr.VijayarajaRathinasamy, Founder & CEO, Gemicates Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Recent Trends in Embedded System with IOTGuest Lecture 1view
16th to 21th September 2019LEMA LABSGuest of Honour
Mr. A. Parthiban, Team Lead – Business Development, Lema Labs, IIT Madras Incubation Cell, IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai
Resource Person
Mr.Jeshwin Arul Samuel. Product Development and Training Executive, Lema Labs.
Mr.Beneshia B Christo, Product Development and Training Executive, Lema Labs
Kaizen Robotics Workshop – 6 Days Intensive Training on RoboticsWorkshop6view
25th to 27th September 2019ISOIMr. S. Arun Kumar, Managing Director, Zenmaq Automation Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Mr. J. Vishnuvardhan&Mr. V. Hariharan, Founder & CEO, Space Zee, Chennai
Industrial Automation and Detail EngineeringWorkshop3view
21st Jan 2020ISOIMr.Vijay Pravin, Maharajan, Data Analytics Expert, Siemens Mobility GmbH (Germany)Instrumentation and Career Opportunities to the Data WorldGuest Lecture1view
7th Feb 2020ISOIMr. R. Bhaskar, Business Partner, The Princeton Review- Manya groupBenefits and Aspects of Profile Building to Meet International NormsGuest Lecture1view
Department Of EIE & ICE Organizes Webinar On ” FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Know What? ” On May 23rd 2020, Saturday From 6.00 Pm To 7.00 Pm.
Department Of EIE & ICE Organizes Webinar On “INSIGHTS OF DATA SCIENCE” On May 30th 2020, Saturday From 6.00 Pm To 7.00 Pm.
Department of EIE & ICE organizes Webinar on "REVOLUTION IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION" on June 13th 2020, Saturday from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm.
Department of EIE & ICE organizes Webinar on "ALUMNI TALK sharing of knowledge" on June 19th 2020, Friday from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm.
S.No.Date/Month/YearProfessional societyName of the guest speaker with designationTitleWorkshop / Guest LectureNo of daysPhotos
15.03.2019 to 7.03.2019Mr. Santhosh Muruganandham, CEO and Founder, Kolapasi chain of restaurants

Dr. K. Maran, Director, Sairam Institute of Management Studies, Chennai.

Mr. G. D. Dharaneetharan, Director, Social Eagle, Chennai.

Mr. Hariprasad, Managing Director, Tritonit Solutions, Chennai

Ms. Dhivya K. P.
Founder and Chairman, SANO (Holistic Nutrition Clinic), Chennai.
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) EAC3view
213.7.18ISOIMr. M. Vivek, Automation Engineer, ABAN Shipyards, Vietnam &
Mr. Ravikumar Selvaraj, Associate Consultant, TCS, Chennai Accompanied by Expert from Triflorum Institute of Advance Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Career Prospects Of Automation In Oil And Gas IndustriesGuestLeture1view
323.7.18 - 25.7.18ISOIOrganizing Industry:
Trend Instrumentation & Automation,
Intellectz Tech,
Zenmaq Automation
PCB Design, Instrumentation Detail Engineering, IoT For Instrumentation Applications, MATLAB For Process Automation, PLC, SCADA And DCSWorkshop3view
43.9.18 to 7.9.18-ICT AcademySalesforce WorkshopWorkshop5view
53.9.18-Mr. Naveen Anand, MBA-International Business, University of South Wales, UK, Mentor Verbal, IMS Learning Resources Private Limited, Chennai.Career after GraduationSeminar1view
69.03.2019 -Ms.Revathy,
Income Tax Department.
Women EmpowermentWorkshop-Skill Development Programme1View
Professional societyName of the guest speaker with designationTitleWorkshop / Guest LectureNo of days
1.      12.07.17Sairam Robotics club and Dept. of EIEMr. A. Parthiban
Sr. Business Development Executive Technologies Pvt. Ltd,

Mr. PawnGnana Raj,
Senior Robotics Engineer &Team lead From Lema Labs.
Future Trends in Robotics based on IOTGuest Lecture1
2.      18.07.17ISOIMr. D. Babin Dhas,
Placement Manager, Technocraft Automation,

Mr. J Visnuvardhan,
Head, Trend Automation
Industrial automation and Instrumentation DesignGuest Lecture1
3.      12.09.17ISOIMr. Rajesh Raman,
Founder, Progyaan Learning Centre,
Introduction, Trends and opportunities in the space of AutomationGuest Lecture1
4.      22.12.17ISOIMr. J. Vishnuvardhan,
CEO, Trend Instrumentation &Automation Pvt ltd,
Recent Trends in Robotics and AutomationGuest Lecture1
5.      05.02.18ISOIMr. Pradhosh.L
Trainne Research Engineer,
IIT Madras
Basics of machine learningGuest Lecture1
6.      23.03.18ISOIMr. V. Ananthasubramanian,
CTO & Director,
Formulate IP Technological solution Pvt Ltd
The importance and need of IPR filing from students perspectiveGuest Lecture1
Professional SocietyName of the guest speaker with designationTitleWorkshop/ Guest LectureNo of days
1.      30.06.16ISOIMr. Vishnu Vardhan,
CEO,Trend Instrumentation and Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Instrumentation Design Detail Engineering1
2.      04.07.16ISOIMr. Jagadeesh Ganesan,
Project Engineer,
Western Process Control Pvt. Ltd., Perth, Austrialia.
Instrumentation Concepts and Carrier prospects in process control IndustriesGuest Lecture1
3.      08.07.16ISOIALUMINIAlumini Interaction MeetAlumini Meet1
4.      01.09.16--SP ROBOTICS--MOU--
5.      09.09.16ISOIDr. V.R.S. Rajesh Kumar, Ph.D.,
CEO, big Elogic Technologies Inc., Chennai.

Mr. Vignesh, B.E.,
Technical Head, big Elogic Technologies Inc.,
Industry trends of Digital and Analog industriesGuest Lecture1
6.      22.09.16ISOISP ROBOTICS WORKSAutonomous Roboticsworkshop2
7.      07.02.17ISOIMr. Pawan Gnanaraj,
Senior Robotics Engineer & Team Lead,
Lema Labs Pvt. Ltd.Chennai.
Embedded system for AutomationGuest Lecture1
8.      22.02.17ISOIMr. S. Raghavan Iyer,
Technical head, EE, Livewire Technologies,
Awareness on career focus training in electronics industryGuest Lecture1