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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE)


About the Department


Electronics is the heart of all modern technology from palmtop, laptop, desktop, mainframe and super computers through fixed and mobile communication system, entertainment system; medical diagnostics… the list is almost endless. Electronics and Instrumentation is one of the recently introduced branches of Engineering in Instrumentation area emphasizing the importance of Electronics. The Instrumentation graduates undergo training in various streams of Instrumentation including Electrical Machines, Electronic Circuits, Control Systems, Digital Signal Processing etc, Automation being one of the latest trends across all industries, is therefore highly in need of trained professionals in the field of Electronics & Instrumentation to meet the growing industry needs. The responsibilities of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers will be with the design, construction and maintenance of instruments and entire instrumentation systems of any industrial undertaking. After completion of this course, students will have very high opportunity in almost all Automation industries, processing industries, chemical industries, bio-medical instrumentation, Power plants, Fertilizers & Chemical industries, Petrochemical industries, Navigational & Aerospace Organization, Food Processing Industry, Weather Stations etc.

Job opportunities

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers have a bright future ahead of them as they are needed by almost all industries in various cadres like Design, Development, Fabrication, Inspection, Quality Control, Maintenance, and Service and so on. Most Software MNC’s also feel the importance of Automation in Electronics background and they are looking for recruiting Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers for their mutual concerns.

About the Department

The Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering was started in the academic year 2007-2008 with an intake of 60 students. Due to the increasing demand in the field of Electronics, the intake is now increased to 120 students. Currently there are 22 faculty members with more than 320 students. The department provides an interdisciplinary approach to Instrumentation with an excellent emphasis on electronics. It has well equipped laboratories with good infrastructure, latest equipment and software. The department has an organized association named “SAI ELEXIN”, which takes care of various student seminars, workshops, industrial visits and guest lectures to enrich the students about the latest developments in the Electronics and Instrumentation field.

Role of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineers

The main focus of Electronics & Instrumentation engineers will be in the field of Control systems design, Process control and instrumentation, Electronics design and manufacturing ,Engineering research and development, sales and service of technical equipment, Project and technology management etc., The challenges involved in studying Instrumentation Engineering (such as problem solving, having a design focus utilizing technology to benefit society, etc) and skills (such as project management, communication, technical, analytical, team membership, leadership skills etc) needed to perform the job as Instrumentation Engineer. This programme combines academic and practical skills in the field of electronics and understanding of complex processes. In this fully automated world, this course which is a complete blend of technical subjects involving Electronics and Instrumentation areas seems to find its own place in providing the students with adequate knowledge and expertise.

Vision of the Department

The EIE department aims with producing highly disciplined, qualified, technically proficient students leaving no stones unturned in the impending opportunity that comes forward to them and build a nation with their innovative skills and leadership qualities.

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