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  • The Department of EIE possesses well constructed and maintained classrooms fitted with teaching aids for effective classroom teaching.
  • The Department has separate rooms for Gents and Ladies staff with Internet and WIFI facilities to facilitate the staff.
  • The Department is well equipped with state of the art laboratories and equipments to cater the needs of both students and as well as staff.
  • The Department has a separate department Library cum reading room which houses good volumes of text books, reference books, journals, articles, student reports etc for the benefit of both students as well as staff.

Virtual Instrumentation lab:

S.NoMajor Equipments
1UPS/liebert 10 KVA S400D
2Split A/C-LG 2.0 Ton 2Star
3Printer/HP Laser 1008

Total Investment in Virtual Instrumentation Lab: 10,64,976.55

Transducer Measurements Lab:

S.NoMajor Equipments
1Strain Gauge Trainer
2Half effect Transducer Trainer
3Half effect Transducer Trainer
4LVDT Transducer trainer
5CRO(30 MHZ)
6Digital IC Tester/SCIENTECH
7Optical Transducer trainer/ SCIENTECH
8Piezo Electric Transducer
9Pressure/Transducer Trainer/ SCIENTECH
10Temperature/Transducer Trainer/ SCIENTECH
11Smart Temperature Transmitter
12Temperature Measurement Trainer
13RTD,TC & Thermister Trainer
14Load Cell trainer Kit
16Twice Pc
17Speed Measurement Trainer

Micro processor & micro controller lab:

S.NoMajor Equipments
18085 Micro Processor Trainer
2Stepper motor controller using Microprocessor
38051 Microcontroller Kit

Total Investment in Micro Processor & Micro Controller Lab: 2,06,176.54

Electronics Circuits Lab:

S.NoMajor Equipments
1Function Generator/1HZ,10MHZ

Total Investment in Transducer & Electronics Circuits Lab: 5,02,534